In todays Irish Motor Industry, most places are trying to sell you something extra that you neither want or need. Be it an over-priced service package, a “special wax protection” on your paintwork, or worse again a Finance Package that isn’t fit for your needs. New age what i will call “Motor Giants” are all about getting as much as they can from you.

I’d like to think that is where we differ. We try get you exactly what you want, and make it as affordable as possible. We won’t try sell you extra products or items you don’t need. If you want to take one of our low rate finance packages, we will facilitate you and try make it as pain free as possible.

Every day on Social Media, I read buzz words like “Free Delivery Nationwide” “Deposit Free Finance” . Of course the dealer will deliver, it’s to give them and edge. We have been doing it here for 30 Years, we don’t even feel the need to advertise it. There are more Buzz words that i will discuss at another time.

I hope to update this blog weekly, from reviewing cars to the industry in general . There are some great motoring blogs out there to be fair, I will also suggest links to some of my favourite ones .

This is just a brief introduction, with an idea of what is to come.